High Impact

The mission of EDEC's High Impact Program is to provide an education to students who have had less success in the traditional school environment. This includes preparing students for life after high school. East Dakota Educational Cooperative's High Impact/Career Academy Program is designed to serve students who have had limited success to the extent that they need a more personalized educational environment.

The following assumptions are the basis for the program.

• Students can learn given the opportunity, time and smaller class sizes.
• Students need both academic and social skills to function successfully.
• Students function effectively when they are held accountable.
• Staff demonstrates and expects students to respect self and others.
• Staff provides opportunities to develop effective communication by establishing personal relationships

East Dakota Educational Cooperative's Program is designed to meet the needs of area youth whose behavior has created a need for an alternative placement. We help you achieve your goals by building on your strengths and competencies, focusing on problem solving, goal setting and positive social interaction. The program provides a structured environment with a high staff-to-student ratio that accelerates academic and behavioral progress, preparing you for reintegration to your home school and community. With the guidance of an established positive peer group and supervision by trained staff, you will learn to recognize your own, and your peers' inappropriate behavior. Staff will teach you how to intervene your peers' inappropriate behavior in a supportive manner, while refraining from verbally or physically intimidating them in the process. While staff remains in charge, students have the primary responsibility for implementing the peer helping process by monitoring each others' behavior.

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